Additional URL’s And How To Manage Them

Learn how to manage additional step URL's

The fundamental idea behind an Additional URL is that you can add many Page URL Variations to a specific Funnel Step.

Additional URLs are commonly used for (but not limited to):

  1. Users running Split Tests on other platforms.
    In these cases, you would just add the second page URL (or third page option if you are doing an A,B,C split test) and we will attribute all traffic to your main page URL. You can see the traffic split down by variation in the Funnel View and Funnel Comparison sections and see how much traffic each variation URL is receiving as well as how many Opt-ins and conversions are attributed to each page URL.
  2. Non-Linear Funnels.
    If you are using non-linear funnels, you can utilize the Additional URLs feature for each possible step in that sequence of your funnel.
    I.e. if a user visits your Opt-in page, based on information they have provided or if you have given visitors the option to click 1 of 4 links to the next step of your Funnel then you can setup the main page as well as multiple possible variations that the user might see in the next step of the funnel.
    There are many ConversionFly users successfully tracking nonlinear funnels this way.
  3. Multiple URLs, exact same content.
    We have some users who have the exact same content but they are just using separate URLs. This is common for Search Engine Optimization and each variation of the URL can be tracked using Additional URLs.

Be sure to test each Additional URL before saving to verify our tracking code has been successfully installed.