ConversionFly + ClickBank Tracking

Learn how to install the ConversionFly tracking code onto ClickBank

Clickbank is an affiliate platform that supports custom code insertion on its Order Forms and Thank You pages for affiliates or vendors.

To install the ConversionFly tracking code into Clickbank, you will need to install it in two places. Your order form page and your order confirmation page.

In Settings >> My Site >> Integrated Sales Reporting you will be able to add a tracking code (pixel).

You will need to add one for the order confirmation (receipt) page and the Order Form.

Go to “Get Tracking Code” in ConversionFly, to be provided a URL to paste into Clickbank for both of these pixels.

Make sure all parameters are set and you are ready to track the Clickbank order process.
Also, make sure to select either affiliate or vendor when creating these pixels.

If you do both and plan to track both in ConverisonFly then you will need to make a total of 4 pixels for vendor and affiliate order and order confirmation pages.

Typically, most affiliates will have their funnel structured as such in ConversionFly:
1. Personal Landing Page
2. Vendor Sales Page
3. Clickbank Order Page
4. Clickbank Order Confirmation page

The best option for an affiliate who wants to track the vendor’s sales page is to host your own page where you pull in the Vendor’s Sales page in an iframe, or you can wrap the page in your own site using many site wrapping plugins that are available out there on the World Wide Web.

For Clickbank sales tracking you must use our Legacy Product and Goal Tracking option.

Simply create the products on the order page and set the goal for those products on the order confirmation page.

A good old google search for them should do the trick