How To Create A Tracking Link

Learn how to create a tracking link

To create a Tracking Link, go to the funnel editor section and click on the TRACKING LINKS tab.
Inside this tab, you’ll see a list of all Ad Types that you have created Tracking Links for.

Click on the Create Tracking Link Tab (Click to Expand) header link which will open up a form containing descriptive fields.

  • Tracking Link Name – Name the Tracking Link you will create.
  • CPC, CPL or FLAT RATE – This is the type of payment that you are using for this ad.
  • Cost – This is the cost of your Ad.
    Note: If you are using Facebook API this will automatically update.
  • Additional Appendages – This is where you can place any additional appendages on this link. 
    If you are using UTM parameters you can either add them here or our script will automatically detect and log them. Please do not use them in both places!  
    All that’s left is to click save when you have completed all required form fields. 
    It is important to note that this appendage field MUST begin with an &, otherwise your tracking links will not function properly.

    Here is a GIF on where to find our “Create Tracking Link section”.