Selecting A Page Type

Learn which page type to choose when creating a step

Select which page type best matches the step in your funnel.
Here is a list of the types of pages outlined below:

Landing Page – Does not count toward conversion ratio, displays total visitors.

Optin Page – Leads calculate only when a unique visitor hits this page and then lands on any following page.

Confirmation Page – Page after registration confirmations, Opt-in confirmations etc.
This does not count towards sales conversion ratio, instead, it counts towards traffic.

Sales Page – Only contributes to conversion ratio when a sale is credited on this page.

Order Page – Conversion ratio is traffic based to monitor order form drop off.

Upsell Page – Same as Sales Page.

Downsell Page – Same as Sales Page.

Non-Conversion Page – A standard page with traffic based conversion ratios.

Thank You Page – Does not contribute to conversion ratio, displays final visitor count.