Update CFID Appendage In Facebook Ad Manager To Ensure Ads Are Tracking Properly

Learn how to add the CFID Appendage created by your tracking link into your ad's URL Parameter field

To update your CFID appendage in Facebook Ad Manager, you will first want to login to your Facebook Ad Manager.

Up next is to manually add the CFID appendage to the ad in question.

Simply replace the xx with the appropriate CFID #  that has been assigned to that specific Tracking Link. 

We understand that if you are creating multiple Facebook Ads it can become tedious. To solve this issue, there is an alternate solution where you can add a UTM parameter when first creating your Ad.  

Be sure the parameters UTM_source=Facebook&UTM_medium=[AD ID]exist (replacing AD ID with your actual AD ID#).  

ConversionFly will automatically create the Tracking Link for you
and attribute any link traffic to that link.


NOTE: The location for where to update your Ad ID can be found on the screen shot below.