What Your User Details Are And How To View Them

Learn how to view your user details

Your User Detail Information can be accessed in your Profile Settings Section under the USER DETAILS TAB.
You can access your Profile Settings Section from your sidebar menu under SETTINGS > PROFILE SETTINGS.
You can also gain access from the top menu dropdown by clicking on your profile picture and clicking on SETTINGS.

This section gives you and our support staff some basic information about you so that you do not need to provide it upon Live Support calls or for open support tickets.

  • My IP: This is the IP that was last used to access and administrate your ConversionFly Account.
  • TimeZone: This is your currently detected TimeZone.
  • Support: Lets you and us know how many Support Sessions you have had with ConversionFly Support Staff.
  • My Agent: Lets us know what type of Operating System and Browser you are using to aid us in any page specific troubleshooting.