Manually Add A Sale To A Funnel

Learn how to manually add a sale to a funnel

You can manually add sales to any specific funnel in the setting section.

You will be able to modify:

  • Date and Time: This is the Date and Time that the sale was recorded.
  • Revenue:: This is the revenue that was logged for this sale.
  • Tracking Link: This is the Tracking Link that youโ€™d like this sale to be attributed to.
  • Product Name: This is the name of the product that was sold.
  • Order Page URL: This is the Order Page URL that this product is associated with.
  • Email: When made available, this is the email address of the buyer.
  • IP Address: This is the IP Address of the buyer if you do not know then leave it as

Note: With the information you provide about each sale, the more accurate your added saleโ€™s metrics will be.

See this GIF below