How Link Comparison Works

Learn how Link Comparison stats work

Link Comparison can be used to compare important statistics between Funnels, Specific Ad Types within a Funnel or even down to the different Tracking Links contained within your Ad Types.

The Information output in Link Comparison is:

  • Description: This is the name of the Funnel, Page and/or Tracking Link Name.
  • Unique Visitors: The Total Unique Visitors that have visited from this source.
  • CPC: Cost Per Click (If Applicable).
  • Leads: Total Leads generated from this source.
  • Total Spent: Total Expenses from this source.
  • Total Revenue: Total Amount of Revenue from this source.
  • CPL: Cost Per Lead (If Applicable).
  • RPL: Revenue Per Lead (If Applicable).
  • ROI: Return on Investment.
  • EPC: Earnings Per Click.
  • Link URL: If applicable this will show the Tracking Link for this source.