Sales Output In Funnel View

Learn where to find Sales Output statistics for your revenue-collecting pages

View the Sales Output Statistics for any page in your funnel that contain products by simply clicking on the $ icon of that page in Funnel View.
This will expand a table which will show you data on sales made that can be attributed to products that are associated with this specific funnel page.

Sales output fields are:

  • Order ID: This is simply the Order ID # for ConversionFly’s logging purposes.  This IS NOT the Order ID Number that would be provided OR associated with your Merchant Processor.
  • Date and Time: This is the date and time that the sale was completed.
  • Revenue: This is the revenue generated from the sale of the product that was associated with this page.
  • Tracking Link: If applicable, this will output the Tracking Link that the buyer was referred from.
  • Product Name: This will output the name of the product that was purchased.
  • Order Page URL: This shows the Page URL in this step of the funnel that the product was associated with.
  • IP Address: This is the IP Address of the Buyer.  If you see a IP address, it means we were able to validate the purchase but for some reason we were unable to associated that sale to a specific site visitor.
  • Advanced Profile: Click on this to see much more detailed information regarding this sale and the buyer.