What’s Up With The Thumb Nail Color Schemes On Funnel View?

Learn what the Thumb Nail Color Schemes on different page types mean

The color schemes for each various backgrounds of your funnel statistics on Funnel View lets you know what type of Conversion Percentage you are viewing and what the numbers are referring to.

  1. Dark Blue – This indicates that this is a Lead Based page and will show you the Optin Rate Percentage as well as the number of Unique Visitors that viewed this page and a number of Unique Visitors that went onto a page further into your funnel.
  2. Light Blue – This will show you simple traffic based conversion percentages based on how many Unique Visitors visited this page and then moved onto a page further into your funnel.  The numbers are simply Total Unique Visitors that moved on / Total Unique Visitors for this page.
  3. Purple – This is an indicator for Sales Based pages. This will show you the percentage of unique visitors that converted into sales for this funnel. This is for all products in a funnel and for any page that contains a product in your funnel. This will also show the Unique Visitors that purchased.
    Total Unique Visitors to this page is NOT the same as traffic or lead based conversions.